About Crossroads

Crossroads Community Services is different from other food pantries and hunger-relief organizations because of our approach to fighting hunger. Crossroads started off as an outreach of First United Methodist Church of Dallas in 2001, where volunteers would distribute food to homeless people in the area.

As we started serving more people, we moved into the same building as the Stewpot, and officially opened our pantry doors in 2003.

The more we grew, the more we realized how many people are suffering from food insecurity throughout all of Dallas. We wanted to increase our reach in the Dallas community and pioneered the “Hub-and-Spoke” model of distribution, that we continue to use. The hub and spoke model is simple: an organization (Crossroads) acts as the hub, and receives a large quantity of food from the North Texas Food Bank. We then redistribute it out to spoke from all around the county (our community distribution partners, or CDPs), who then distribute the food further out to people in their neighborhood who do not have the ability to travel to our pantry.

We are honored to have been chosen as the South Dallas regional hub for the North Texas Food Bank, and we are thrilled to begin this chapter of our story. We have grown exponentially since our founding in 2001, and beginning in January of 2019, we will not only be serving our CDPs, but we will also begin servicing feeding network agencies.